Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ask the Experts

Back to School Shopping Made Easy!

By Hamlet’s Mom, Gertrude

By now, you’ve probably received the list of things your child needs for the new school year. Perhaps you’ve already spent hours in Target, praying that there will be enough 2-inch binders, watercolor sets, pencils, tissues, Clorox wipes, Purell dispensers, multi-colored three-hole folders, etc., etc., etc?

Well, I certainly feel your pain. That’s why I started ignoring those lists a couple of years ago and started creating my own. This is what Hamlet will be taking to school on the first day of second grade:

Gertrude's School List for Hamlet

--five recent pictures of me and one baby picture of me
--a homemade box of crayons in Mommy’s Favorite Colors
--a comfort “smelly” blanket from the master bedroom
--one pair of Anti-Self-Infliction blunt scissors
--two packs “Good Try!” stickers
--several black flair pens
--map of Denmark and diagram of the Nine Circles of Hell

Mothers, I urge you to take school matters into your own hands. We know what’s best for our kids, especially our doting little boys.

Coming up next week: “School Lunch: There’s Nothing More Organic Than Mommy.”

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