Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shakespeare at Large

Last weekend's performance of The Last Goodbye, the combo Romeo and Juliet/Jeff Buckley musical at the Williamstown Theater Festival. One word: unfreakingbelievable.

The ten best things about The Last Goodbye:

10. Rosaline, Romeo's first love, is created as a burlesque-dancing main character

9. Romeo and Rosaline singing a duet version of Jeff Buckley's top-ten hit The Last Goodbye (with Rosaline dissing Romeo)

8. Mercutio played androgenously by the brilliant Jo Lampert

7. The just-stabbed Mercutio belting out Eternal Life before dropping backwards on her knees in a total rock star pose

6. The explicit consummation scenes on Romeo and Juliet's wedding night

5. The awesome, Thriller-like choreography

4. Dorky Paris busting out a haunting version of Hallelujah

3. Romeo and Juliet performing their last scenes simultaneously, like a split screen

2. a written-in moment where Romeo and Juliet have a brief reunion before Romeo drops dead

1. My husband clapping, screaming, and giving a standing O.*

*To read about my husband's previous disrespect for Jeff Buckley, please click here.

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