Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shakespeare at Large

Shakespeare and The Godfather: Who Knew?

A horse's head was recently dug up underneath the foundations of Shakespeare's home in Stratford (his fancy adult home--New Place). The area's being mined by archaeologists, as a first step to rebuilding the thing from the ground up.

It's possible the head is from the Victorian era, the last time the place got rebuilt, but I like to think that it's an earlier relic. The skull disintegrated as soon as it was touched, so evidently there's no way to find out.

One digger we talked to thought that the horse head was a leftover from some horse soup. Here's my theory: Shakespeare was experimenting with ideas for a new prop in a play that he never got to finish. So what if I have no evidence for this. So what.

We ourselves dug this up at the site (because they have a special area where visitors can sift through the dirt):

It's a nail. Maybe used for home maintainance. Or perhaps for another unwritten violent idea on Shakespeare's part? Hmm?

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