Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shakespeare at Large

Everyday Shakespeare is reporting live from Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, birthplace of Mr. Shakespeare . . .

S to the H to the A to the K to the E!!!!!!!
S to the P to the E to the A to the R to the E!!!!

This isn’t Shakespeare at Large . . . It’s Shakespeare at HUGE!

Thanks to my spunky 8-year-old daughter, I got autographs from all the actors who appeared in the performance of The Winter’s Tale we saw tonight in Stratford. To be clear, I hung back while she did her cute thing with the actors. They just lit up their post-show ciggies and were delighted to accommodate.

Earlier, during intermission, the lady behind us in the bathroom line (“queue for the loo”) asked my daughter: “How do you find it?” After I translated her question, my daughter responded, very loudly, “There’s a lot of BOR-ING talking parts!” and then skipped off into a stall.

One surprising thing I realized tonight: The Winter’s Tale is NOT a good play for kids who have not had formal training in Sex Ed. The plot hinges on the early modern equivalent of paternity testing, so the biology of the birds and the bees is definitely a pre-req.

My first annual Best Shakespeare Allusion During Intermission Award goes to a fancy British man in an ascot (!) mumbling to himself, “where’s the rubbish bin? Now that’s the question.”

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