Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Juliet Capulet Reviews the Purity Ring iPhone App

Okay, so my mom told me if I wanted to get into a good school I had to do more stuff, like play with retarded kids and volunteer at a gruel kitchen. Like, are you kidding me? So gross. So, anyway, I'm writing this for the Verona Times, which my Daddy basically owns so guess who's on the front cover!

The Purity Ring App is kinda cool because it's like jewelry but if it doesn't match your outfit then it totally doesn't matter, because it's, like, in your purse. Anyway, the point of it is that if you take this pledge then you don't do it with anyone until you're married. Whatever. Like as if I'm gonna let myself end up like that ho' bag Rosalind Rizzo who got shipped off to some nunnery in Amsterdam (LOL).

So anyway, I hope you liked my review of the Purity App. I guess you should buy it because, like, why not? Plus it'll make your parents trust you more and let you go out to more parties and stuff. The end.

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