Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Henry V Infuriated by Comparison to David Cameron

Newly minted British PM David Cameron once compared himself to the reformed Prince Hal in Henry IV.

In 2008, Cameron famously compared his “waiting in the wings” status on the political stage to the wild-child Prince Hal’s belated public debut. Cameron was definitely on to something. Like Hal, Cameron has just burst through the “base contagious clouds” (1.2.176) to triumphant applause.

But Prince Hal (now King Henry V) says that the comparison "is bullshit."

“Cameron is nothing like me. Not at all,” Henry told London’s Daily Royal yesterday. “Mr. Fancy Pants a great drinker? At the Bullingdon Club with his university mates? Hah! I slummed with the commoners.”

Henry is unimpressed with the hung parliament and the circumstances of what he calls Cameron’s “emasculatingly pathetic victory.”

It does not help matters that King Henry is a staunch conservative who feels that Cameron is “kissing Liberal Democrat ass.” Henry is especially disappointed with Cameron’s promotion of the National Health Service. He believes that enemies without private healthcare should be left as “food for worms.”

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