Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball


Will the Bruins win the Stanley Cup this year?

Magic Shake-Ball's Answer:

"I pray you, tarry. Pause a day or two
Before you hazard, for in choosing wrong
I lose your company"--Portia to Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice (3.2.1-3)


WHAAAAT the *$#%! does this *$#%! have to do with the B's?????!!!!

Sorry . . . I lost myself there for a moment. Ahem.

In this scene, Portia urges her beloved Bassanio to take some more time before selecting from the gold, silver, and lead boxes in front of him. If he selects the one that contains her portrait, he is allowed to marry her; if not, he is banished. It is obviously very stressful.

Speaking of stress, the pressure is ON for the B's as they get ready to face their next opponent. But here's the good news: Bassanio wins Portia, and both Bruins and Bassanio begin with "B"!

So what if Bassanio has to cheat a little and is kind of a jerk. All's fair in love and face-offs.

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