Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ask the Experts

Best Birthday EVER!

By Ganymede
personal assistant to William Shakespeare

In the afterglow of Will’s wildly successful blowout for his 446th last week, I’ve been asked by Everyday Shakespeare to provide some tips for throwing the Best Birthday Party Ever! Ladies, I’m so flattered!

Here’s a question I get often: “How do I plan a party for someone who’s really creative?” Challenging! I hear you loud and clear. Some of you know exactly what I mean: How do you do something cool and original when your birthday boy or girl is a total wunderkind at this kind of stuff?

Here are Five Ways to Throw a Creative Birthday Party that will surprise and delight even the most creative person:

1) Don’t spend any money. I’m talking, not a cent. The party should be held in your own apartment, especially if it is a dump. Guests should receive no food, just water from the tap. A creative person like Shakespeare (for example) doesn’t want to look like he tries too hard.

2) Steal one fabulous piece of jewelry from a rich person and put it on the Birthday Boy/Girl. Make sure to let everyone at the party know that it’s stolen. It’s a conversation starter! Plus, creative people are always inspired by illicit circumstances and danger.

3) Start a fight. Again, more inspiration for the Birthday Boy/Girl.

4) Play Spin the Bottle followed by Ten Minutes in the Closet With Someone You Hate. Fascinating situations will ensue, especially because everyone will be very hungry and grumpy.

5) Party favors? But of course! At the end of the party, hand out clear sandwich bags filled with different flavors of Jello. Your guests will immediately suck out the Jello because they are desperate for food. It’s totally hilarious.

Finally, as they are actually going out the door, surprise them with a fancy cookie decorated with the fondant face of the Birthday Girl/Boy.

Bottom Line: For a great party, keep it unpredictable.

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  1. (you know that's a heart, right?) I'm hoping this is a coded message that means you will be in Michigan this weekend. Is it?