Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shakespeare at Large

Thanks to one of our readers, Margaret, for sending us a link to Philip Michaels' review at of two new Shakespeare iphone apps: No Fear Shakespeare and Shakespeare Pro. (I have no iphone and still refuse to learn how to text, but I'm trying here.)

I think Will would love the idea of being carried around all day in people's purses or hanging out on their pant waists.

Anway, the Pro is marketed to real lovers of the Bard who want all the plays--good, bad, and dubious--at their fingertips along with a glossary. No Fear is geared to students looking for fast translations, like this one of a scene from Julius Caesar. I don't know. Somehow "Give me your attention" doesn't pack quite the same punch as "Lend me your ears." But who am I to judge? Last semester I started spouting "You change your mind like a girl changes clothes" to explain why Helena was so pissed off at Demetrius.

Hey--No Fear Shakespeare people--I'm available. Call me. Just don't text me.

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