Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

Dear Magic Shake-Ball:

Should I work on my essay that's due in 12 days or watch "American Idol"?

Answer: "I would this music would come. I am advis'd to give her music a'mornings; they say it will penetrate."
(Cymbeline 2.3.11-13)

Oh, yeah, baby. I mean .... Whatever you say. I wouldn't dare go against your deep and mysterious words of wisdom. We all have to make sacrifices to honor the Shake-Ball.


  1. Hope you'll root on and vote for Massachusetts' own Siobhan Magnus --she of "the note" -- not only does she have a voice an angel would kill for, she is an experienced Shakespearean, having played Feste, Mrs. Page and Hero (Much Ado) as well as assorted fairies in MSND during her storied high school dramatic career at Barnstable High School down here on the Cape. In fact, over her years with us, Siobhan appeared in about 40 shows, over 250 nights of performances, in front of literally thousands of people.

    All of us at BHS have been saying for years that Siobhan would someday be on Broadway and in the movies. "Idol" is only a first step. She's the goods!

    I taught and directed Siobhan; she is as cool, calm and unpretentious as she appears on the show. Just a great person!

    "And though she be but little, she is fierce..."

    Ed O'Toole

  2. Love it! Caroline especially is a HUGE AI fan, so she is overjoyed. Everyday Shakespeare officially endorses Siobhan for the AI title.