Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

Last week it was my daughter's boot. Today, my husband forgot his briefcase. Apparently this sleep deprivation thing affects everyone differently. (I caught myself wandering around the house last week carrying a bag of carrots, a hair dryer, and one AAA battery. Did I have some subconscious master plan to invent a battery-operated carrot torch?)

So, do I drive into Downtown Boston to get his briefcase to him, or do I let him suck it up? (p.s. I have a job. I just happen to be working from home today. And having lunch with Michelle. And cruising Craigslist for some stuff.)

Magic Shake-Ball Answer: "Behold, I choose thee, Tamora, for my bride, / And will create thee Empress of Rome." (Titus Andronicus 1.1.325-26)

I love it when the Shake-Ball is so clear. Saturninus was seriously deluded when he chose Tamora--arguably the WORST wife in Shakespeare's canon--to be his bride. She was cheating on him faster than you can say "Eat your own young."

I get it Shake-ball. No one wants to be Tamora. Lady Macbeth, maybe, on the days your partner needs a little shove, but definitely not Tamora.

I'll do the right thing. But I will be expecting some serious payback on Valentine's Day.

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