Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

Hi. My Name is Caroline. And I'm a Word Twist addict. It's pretty much the only reason I'm on Facebook. The other night my daughter was trying to share with me a cool passage of a book she was reading (a rare Hallmark-y kind of moment that most parents would jump to store up in their mental scrapbooks), and I snapped at her because she was breaking my concentration. I hate to lose Word Twist.

Question: How much Word Twist is too much?

Answer: "A man whom both the waters and the wind, / In that vast tennis-court, hath made the ball / For them to play upon, entreats you pity him." (Pericles 2.1.59-61)

This would be especially cool if Michelle were asking about her addiction to staying up all night watching the Australian Open. Maybe the Magic Shake-Ball is so powerful that it's sending her a message through me.

But it definitely applies to me. And makes me sound pretty pathetic. Pity me. Or just challenge me to a game of Word Twist. C'mon. All the cool kids are doing it doing it, doing it.


  1. In my early days on Facebook, I started playing that game in ever-increasing time units. I'm a sucker for Scrabble, Boggle, Jumble, and the like, and Word Twist seems to have been brewed up in the devil's own meth lab for my particular brain. Plus, it would fiendishly put up annoyingly high scores from friends, and my competitive instinct just made the whole thing worse. I had to kick, and, slowly, the tremors are getting better.

  2. I've been through them all, too. Now it's Word Solitaire on my iphone that I cannot stop playing ... in the grocery line, on the bus... the app store is my pusher.

  3. No, no! You're missing the best word game ever: CHICKTIONARY. I've got it on my iphone, and aside from calling my wife to ask her what she wants me to pick up from the Chinese place down the street, it's the only thing I use my iphone for. You have to make as many words as possible out of seven letters, engraved on chicken eggs. And there are all these chickens clucking and feathers flying every time you put a word together... Good clean fun!