Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ask the Experts


By King Macbeth, Special Correspondent for the Dunsinane Times

Scottish fans are on the edge of their seats at this year’s Australian Open. Why? Because our own Andy Murray is The Man! I had the pleasure of watching him un-man the so-called manly Rafael Nadal the other day. Next, Andy “the Man” Murray faces Marin Cilic, the lanky Croatian who un-manned Andy Roddick (despite his manly marriage to Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker).

Murray’s greatest moments so far? Before conquering Nadal, he vanquished the Goliath American John Isner, who stands at a very manly 6ft. 6 in. Also, Murray has been man enough to win every set he’s played. He’s seized them all, using a potent blend of testosterone and crushing brain power.

If Murray mans his way to the finals, he’ll most likely face the metrosexual Roger Federer. Federer continues to curry the public’s love and support, so it may go hard when Murray shows him what’s what and who’s who. But I have no doubt that Manly Murray will display his strapping form and steal that victory crown from the weepy Swiss Wuss!

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  1. Bwahahahahaha! This is hilarious. In appreciation, wave my pink kerchief in the special correspondent's general direction.