Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

Question: "If my elderly neighbor (who has a Scott Brown sign on his lawn) gets stuck in a snowbank on his way to vote today, is it okay for me to "not see" him?" --Anonymous, Natick, MA

Answer: "You are strangely troublesome. / Let some o' th' guard be ready there." (Henry VIII 5.2.129-130)

I don't know, Anonymous. Given that the monarch could pretty much behead whomever s/he wanted, Shakespeare might not be the best person to ask about the democratic process. But he liked being "strangely troublesome" to The Man (or, really The Woman) in his own coded way, so he might be giving you the go ahead on this one. Even though Martha Coakley is a woman, Scott Brown has more in common with Queen Bess's political views.

But vote tampering is a felony, so be ready to face the guard if you start doing things like "escorting" your elderly neighbor over an ice slick.

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