Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

QUESTION: Should I have more children?

“The sun doth gild our armour” (Henry V, 4.2.1)

OK. Maybe we’re blinded by the sun and think that our clothes are made of gold? And if we think that our clothes are made of gold, then we have enough money to have as many children as we want?

Sun could also be a pun: sun=son. “The son doth gild our armor.” I’m reading this as “another son will make our metaphoric parental ‘armor’ better looking and more valuable.” But is the Shake-Ball saying that we will be enriched by another kid or broke, as if we were buying a gold suit of armor? I’m confused.

QUESTION: Magic Shake-Ball, could you be more specific?

“The man grows mad, away with him” (Twelfth Night, 3.4.336)

TMI! TMI! I get it, OK? The husband will go loony and flee.

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