Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Review: New Products at Starbucks

By Juliet

When Ophelia and I got our homework assignment for Journalism class, I suggested doing a piece on the new winter treats at Starbucks. Ophelia seemed very upset by this idea, so I decided to do it on my own.

I must admit that I did have some serious problems with the assignment. I had no money, and I’m not allowed to use my credit card at Starbucks because my parents think that middle-class people hang out there. So I just sat at a table and smiled. Then the manager looked at me like I was weird and said something to the barista. I tried to look somewhere else, and that’s when I saw the Mini Sparkle Donuts in the display case. Oh, bejeweled rings of dough! Never have I seen such light, and never have I been denied such sweetness.

As I mentioned, I had no money to buy a Mini Sparkle Donut. I longed for this donut, and I knew without question that this would be the most delicious donut I had ever tasted in my life. The donuts are small, with white frosting and sugar crystal sprinkles.

I watched other patrons at Starbucks purchase the Mini Sparkle Donuts, all the while imagining the dough balls ascending into the sky like stars for me to look upon. Little donut stars that torment me. Bright shiny faces that say “Juliet, we are a little bite of heaven, and you can’t have us.” No sweets, but sweet sorrow.

Is this sorrow without end or purpose? Will death reach me before I have a chance to taste these donuts? Or will the season end and the donuts never seen by mortal eyes again?

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