Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ask the Experts

Lady Macbeth and Othello weigh in on your most pressing everyday questions.

Dear Othello,

My kids have these crazy ideas about getting a deadly snake for a pet. The only pet that seems reasonable to me is a dog, but I’m afraid that this would be too much work.

I should mention that my husband and I work full time, have three young children, and don't get enough sleep as it is. Also, neither of us has ever owned a dog before.

Do you think that we should do this?


Curious about Canines
Boston, MA

Dear Curious,

I say, go for it! Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family and are especially loving companions for young children.

But your question isn't really about dogs, is it? That "full time job" of yours sounds downright suspicious. Are there any single men at your place of work? Do you have "private work conferences" with them? Perhaps in the middle of the night? Is this the real reason why you don't get "enough sleep"?

I bet that you don't care at all about animals or small children. You just want that dog so you can parade down the street to flirt with the neighbors!

Do you take me for a fool, loose woman?

Yours faithfully,


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