Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shakespeare at Large

Currently Cracking Us Up . . . . 

"Shakespeare Characters Who Make the Best Drinking Partners" 
by Ken Griggs (Bro Jackson)

This long-overdue breakdown of who's who in Shakespeare's world of potential bar-hopping buddies is a nice piece of scholarship. The whole piece is a must-read, but here's a little sip to get you going:

"Hamlet He’s the darling of all Shakespeare’s plays. People love him and how can’t you love someone so dark and mysterious? Imagine taking him to the bars? He’s like Kurt Cobain with the charisma of Brad Pitt. We’d be begging hipster ladies not to talk to us. Plus with the whole Oedipal stuff going on you know he’s into some freaky shit. This is the kind of guy who would gladly jump on a grenade and have the courtesy not to bring it up later. Pass the Frangelico because things are about to get nutty."

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