Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ask the Experts

OMG: Is This A Natalie Portman I See Before Me?????

by Macbeth

How do I feel about Natalie Portman playing my Lady? Let me think for a moment . . . .  Hah! Are you serious? I am so psyched. Not psycho psyched--just regular psyched, like Zach Braff was in Garden State. Only difference is that this is Scotland, not New Jersey.

Natalie Portman! I love a crazy lady, and that funky ballerina's got it going on in the mental department! Plus she's Jewish, which is so deliciously complex for those of you who think my Lady's only about oppressing others. She's got a whole lot of pain on her c.v. so don't be an f-ing judgmental schmuck.

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