Friday, February 1, 2013

Homebaked Shakespeare

Hip Hop Shakespeare Lyrics from the Archives

DezD-Moana's Lament

My name is DezD-Moana and I'm here to say
That I've been mistreated in the foulest way.
My daddy is a fascist and my husband thinks I'm sick—
I thought he was a lover but it turns out he's a prick.
Livin' here in Cyprus thought I'd get me married booty—
Turns out all I'm gettin' is a husband who's all moody,
Naggin' on my ass all day about some stupid hankie,
Thinkin' that I'm cruisin' Cyprus havin' hanky panky.
Think I'll go "Bianca"-style and open up my door—
Might as well go get me some since he thinks I'm a whore.

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