Monday, August 13, 2012

Suburbs of Our Discontent

It's back to the 'burbs for me and my family after 7 weeks of teaching in the mountains of Vermont.   Driving home yesterday, we passed one of the  picturesque "farms" that dot the main road of our Metrowest town.  It looks like a Hollywood set for Act IV of The Winter's Tale (if they ever actually made a movie of  The Winter's Tale, which they never would but totally should).

Anyway, there are always a handful of cows grazing there in the pasture next to the perfectly painted green barn, only I'm pretty sure that they're just there for show. After a few months of living in real dairy farm country,  you get wise to some of the clues. Like how they don't actually sell any dairy products there. Or beef. Or, as my seven-year-old put it as we drove by it yesterday, "These cows don't smell."

Note to self: get kids out of 'burbs early and often.

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