Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ask the Experts

FINALLY!!!! The Olympics are coming to London, where Shakespeare can get the full media coverage he so rightly deserves.

This Enchanted Isle indeed.

Shakespeare's characters have risen to the occasion and have some very helpful recommendations for Fave Events.

Shakespeare's Characters' Fave Olympic Events 2012

Macbeth: "Weightlifting . . . and Synchronized Swimming"

Lady Macbeth: "Triathlon, bitch!"

Hamlet: "Fencing"

Claudius: "Shooting"

Ophelia: "Swimming and Diving"

Romeo: "Trampoline. It's so non-confrontational"

Juliet: "I'm tired of being passive. So, BOXING!!!!!!"

King Lear: "Weightlifting. Looking to Man-Up with Macbeth"

Prospero: "Water Polo. It's about facing my fears: Water."

Caliban: "Beach Volleyball"

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