Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ask the Experts

Lady Macbeth @dunsinane
Screw work-family balance 2 the sticking place. Pregnant Yahoo CEO should give me a call. I have perfect solution.

Hermione @PaulinasChapel
Hope she brings paternity test 2 work and keeps office door open when meeting with male employees.

Gertrude @Jointress
I never left my son for one second and we are soooooo connected. I lover mothering!

Yes! MT : We shd cheer 4 all women who make it to the top.But that's not enough 4 real equality.Need better choices.
RT : My thoughts on Yahoo CEO,  "Marissa Mayer and work-life nirvana"  cc...
Would this be news if the new young CEO was a man expecting a new addition to his family?  

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