Friday, June 22, 2012

Homebaked Shakespeare

By now, you may have read or at least heard rants and/or raves about Anne-Marie Slaughter's article in The Atlantic. After reaching dizzying professional heights (Director of Policy Planning at the State Department) she realized that the job takes too much time away from her children, and she throws in the towel. Now, she just does minor work as a tenured professor at Princeton . . .

Can you hear how snarky I sound? Slaughter is a smart, inspiring woman who's written a great piece about the professional and personal conflicts faced by women lucky enough to have both. All potentially interesting points aside, I find myself rather sick of what I'll call Catfight Lit--writing meant to turn women against one another. Let's Homebake some Shakespearean versions of this, shall we? It's our pleasure to introduce these forthcoming publications:

Men Like Bitches the Best
by Lady Macbeth

Stay Young and Beautiful No Matter What the Cost
by Ophelia

Just Trust: How Strong Women Bounce Back from Tragedy
by Gertrude

Saying "No" to Conformity: How True Love Trumps All 
by Juliet

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