Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ask the Experts

"Renaissance Faire Barbie"
Dear Mattel,

We, the characters of Shakespeare's plays, are writing to protest the "Renaissance Faire" Barbie doll currently available online and at fine retail establishments such as Toys R Us. It is our contention that the "Renaissance Faire" Barbie perpetuates Renaissance stereotypes. Rather than depicting specific examples of feminine humanity during the sixteenth century (Ophelia, Juliet, Hermia and Helena, etc. etc.), you have chosen to slap Barbie's face onto the body of a generic cleavage-less wench.

She might as well be covered with poorly-done tattoos, carrying a leg of mutton and a cigarette!

As you contemplate the next wave of Barbie incarnations, please consider this request. Would it be possible for you to produce actual Shakespearean characters like us instead of this caricature of bastardized early modern culture?

Many thanks for your consideration.


Shakespeare's Characters

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