Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Juliet Capulet reviews "The Hunger Games"

OMG, so I just got back from seeing "The Hunger Games" with my boyfriend Paris who is SUPER hot and rich, so hands off be-atch. Anyway, it's about these kids who are all really hungry but then get to ride on this silver train where you can have whatever you want, and there's this guy on it who kind of looks like my boyfriend's hot cousin Mercutio. Anyway, I don't remember why they're so hungry, but I think it's because they're dirty and gross. But that TOTALLY changes once they get to ride on the train.

THEN once they get to the Capitol, they get to wear even cooler outfits and ride in chariots!

The main girl in it, Catnip, is kind of gross and dirty at first, but then she gets dressed up in this fly outfit that's on fire, and so does this guy who has a crush on her who gets really cute as the movie goes on. I think his name is Peter, but everyone has a weird accent in the move so it sounds like they're saying Pita. I don't know. Maybe it's supposed to take place in the Middle East or something.

I don't really get what happens next, but then all of these kids have to go into the forest and try to kill each other. That part was definitely nasty, but my boyfriend Paris covered my eyes for me during the grossest parts which is SOOOO cute of him.

So at the end, Catnip and Pita start making out and then they both win the killing contest. But first it looks like they're going to kill themselves which is SOOOO dumb. I mean, who would kill themselves over a guy?? If I couldn't be with Paris I'd just find another super hot, rich boyfriend. Whatever. I guess if you're gross and dirty then you're more desperate. Plus they were both all bloody by the end. Nasty.

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