Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ask the Experts

Hello, Brilliant?

by Lady Macbeth
Ph.D. candidate in Women's Studies, University of Scotland-Loch Ness

Everyone thinks this is just a very pregnant Jessica Simpson wearing a snakeskin-print dress at her baby shower. However, Ms. Simpson is doing more here than merely making a dubious fashion choice. I believe that she's also making a statement about how women's bodies are uniquely designed for disguise and deception and, thus, power. Indeed, she's using pregnancy to deconstruct pregnancy.

Yes, she's saying, I am a celebrity who is pregnant. But look at this, she's saying, look at how I am also a snake that's eaten its young! I am a camouflaged person, invisible in nature. I am a trickster in African myth and blamed for the Fall of humankind!

You may think I'm just blond and kind and sweet, but I'm so, so much more complex. I am woman. Hear me hiss.

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