Monday, November 21, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

Every so often I stumble upon a Shakespearean word that makes me think, Man, this should really get some modern-day use. For example, the word empoison.* Say it aloud. Empoison. Now, here's me using it in a Haiku I wrote about going to the American Girl Doll store over the weekend.

The American Girl Doll Store

Big-haired Moms and Dolls
Julie's Bed is over there
Me, here, empoisoned

*"And, truly, I'll devise some honest slanders
To stain my cousin with: one doth not know
How much an ill word may empoison liking."
--Much Ado About Nothing (3.1.84-6)


  1. Or this, my (brief) tale of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for eight last Saturday:

    Only one oven.
    Stuffing in, turkey out, pink.
    Guests leave, empoisoned.

    True story.

  2. Wow. I really felt the power--I mean, poison--of that haiku. That was beautiful.