Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shakespeare at Large

The film Anonymous is inspiring all sorts of reactions from Shakespeare fans. Here's a song by J.E. Marshall, just one expression of this Shakespearean Angst At Large:

(To the tune of: "DON'T MESS WITH BILL" by Smokey Robinson/The Marvelettes/Motown 1966)

Don't mess with Will.

Don't mess with Will.

Lo, lo, lo, lo.

Don't mess with Will.

Don't mess with Will.

Good friends forbear!

Please say you swear!

Not to move his stone.

Leave it alone!

Nonny, na, na.

Now this curse covers William's crypt,

But lately, have you heard?

Will will get you if you SULLY his script,

And credit others with his words!

Churls keep away!

The curse is in play!

Nonny, na, na.

Don't mess with Will.

Don't mess with Will.

Nonny, hey, hey.

Well, we know freedom can be foppery,

And morality can feel like a jail,

But if this curse doth naught to stoppeth thee,

Lo! Will's preturb-ed spirit thee will assail.

Will's here to stay!

Roland roll away!

Nonny, hey, hey.

Don't call him Eddie de Vere,

Or Bacon

Or Chris!

That's too much ado da lee do!

That's too much amiss!

Cause Will is Will,

And Will will fulfill.

Nonny, na, na.

If you move the stones,

If you touch his bones,

If you call him John Doe, Smith or Jones,

You'll find this curse is true,

This curse is for you!

Nonny, nonny.

Fa, la, la, la.

Don't mess with Will.

Lo, lo, lo, lo!

Cause if you do,

Curse-ed are you!

Well, I didn't come to bury,

My message is merry,

Roland is a lubberly boy.

And Will was SOLID flesh,

Not so temporary,

Not so easy to destroy!

Will's here to stay!

Roland is a knave!

Nonny, na, na!

de Vere ain't Will!

Roland is a jack-sauce pill!

Better say goodbye!

Come not Willy nigh!

Roland, what you say?!

Will wrote his plays!

And his sonnets too!

What's the matter you!?

de Vere is not Will!

Roland melt away!

Imperceiverant, arrant, jack'nape knave!

Will will get thee from the grave!

O, yes Will will!

Nonny, hey, hey!

Don't mess with Will!

Nonny, na, na!

--J.T. Marshall (2011)

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