Monday, July 25, 2011

Suburbs of Our Discontent

My England-themed weekend was the best of times and the worst of times. (I know that’s not Shakespeare, but here at Everyday Shakespeare we reserve the right to grope at any and all literary allusions when necessary).

The BEST was a visit from my college roommate, now a fashionable Londoner, whose kids speak with adorable accents and have been reading Shakespeare since like age three or something.

The WORST (like you need a reminder of this, reader!) was Amy Winehouse. Yes, yes, I know that this has been blog buzz for days already, and that there’s not much left to quip or analyze. But I want to say that I really liked her, and that she was, in addition to being heroin-tragic, a kind of tragic heroine.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of her most poetic words about tortured love, one of Shakespeare's favorite topics.

"You probably saw me laughing at all your jokes
or how I did not mind when you stole all my smokes
And although my pride is not easy to disturb
you sent me flying when you kicked me to the curb" ("You Send Me Flying")

"Memories always start round midnight, midnight
Haven't got the heart to stand those memories
When my heart is still with you
And old midnight knows it too

When some quarrel we've had needs mending
Does it mean that our love is ending?
Darlin', I need you, lately I find
You're out of my heart and I'm out of my mind" ("Round Midnight")

R.I.P, tragic lady.

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