Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magic Shake-Ball

Question for Magic Shake-Ball:

Kate Middleton's dress??????? Tell me!

Magic Shake-Ball's Response:

If she be made of white and red,
Her faults will ne'er be known,
For blushing cheeks by faults are bred
And fears by pale white shown:
Then if she fear, or be to blame,
By this you shall not know,
For still her cheeks possess the same
Which native she doth owe.
A dangerous rhyme, master, against the reason of
white and red.
--Love's Labor's Lost 1.2.89-98


Whoa. That is so, like, Kate's damned no matter how perfect she looks on her wedding day. If she's a blushing bride, people might say she's all embarassed that her parents own a party favors business. If she's looking all ivory snow and innocent, it's cause she's white-with-fear terrified about being trapped with the fancy Royals. You Brits are so judgemental sometimes, I swear.

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