Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ask the Experts

Now that Obama's re-election campaign is official, it's time to start thinking about fundraising. They'll be cocktail parties and other solicitation opportunities in the upcoming months, and some readers may need some help deciding what to donate.

As with most things, Shakespeare's characters have much wisdom to share. Everyday Shakespeare asked a focus group of Shakespeare characters:

What Would YOU Donate to Obama's Campaign?

Falstaff: "stolen gold"
Hamlet: "a coffer of my mother's jewels"
Lady Macbeth: "I gave at the office--pass"
Cleopatra:"100 donkeys, salt, and an embalming kit"
Ghost of King Hamlet: "$$ designated for more bodyguards"
Oberon and Titania: "love potion"
Puck: "change from the the purses of 100 old ladies"
Shylock: "Obama gets to pick: my ducats OR my daughter"

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