Monday, March 14, 2011

I was never a big book club kind of person, but this year I've joined a really great group of women, and we've been knocking back some classics like The Sun Also Rises, Lady Chatterly's Lover and, just this past week, The Feminine Mystique.

It's been an interesting combination: the 20th-century guys are all writing about male impotence in the face of female independence, and Betty's writing about female impotence in the the face of a male dominant culture.

It's a no win situation. The Kobayashi Maru of gender relations. Someone has to be on top, and the other one has to suffer for it down to the core (or the corset).

Shakespeare realized this, of course, more than four hundred years ago.

Emilia gives an eloquent defense of wives when she's talking to Desdemona about her rights:

So let's all lighten up on each other, ladies, shall we? Life really is too short.

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