Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ask the Experts

Purim is Fun

by Shylock and his daughter, Jessica

Jessica: Hi! I'm so psyched that Everyday Shakespeare asked us to write today's Ask the Experts column. I LOVE Purim, and I've got lots of fun ideas about how to celebrate. First thing I do is buy one of those "French Maid" Halloween costumes and--

Shylock: Get in the house.

Jessica: What?

Shylock: We agreed to talk about Hamantaschen, yes? Cookies in the shape of Haman's hat. Remember Haman, the guy who tried to kill us? Or don't you care about that anymore?

Jessica: I just wanted to say something about the pretty clothes, OK? And that girls can make themselves look totally hot--

Shylock: For Christian men.

Jessica: Yes! Wait . . . I mean, no.

Shylock: I found a copy of Queen Esther's Tips for Attracting Rich and Powerful Non-Jewish Men under your pillow. You can stop lying now.

Jessica: Fine, let's just go in and make the damn cookies. Please stop embarassing me.

Shylock: Excellent! One pound of dough for you, and one for me. Get it? A pound. Hee hee!

Jessica: (groan)

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