Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ask The Experts

Today at Everyday Shakespeare, guest political commentator Richard III gives us his spin on the labor protests sweeping the Midwest.

You know, when I first started hearing about all those drum-banging whiners in Wisconsin boo-hooing about how "I deserve good benefits," and "Oh, no, you can't take away my collective bargaining power," my first thought was: Get some balls, Walker.

Seriously. When I was murdering my way to the throne six hundred and some odd years ago, you think I put up with that kind of insubordination? And collective bargaining? Puh-leeze. Last time I caught some guys doing that, I bought them all one-way tickets to Decapitation Town. Guess what, sign lady? You are replaceable. And probably a witch.

But then I read this editorial from Monday's Washington Times:

"The demonstrators behave as if their actions carried no consequences. Teachers fail to report to work by pretending to be unwell, using students as props for
their political theater. Doctors, or those pretending to be such, violate their professional oaths by passing out letters with a bogus diagnosis enabling the "sick" to carry
signs calling for violence against Gov. Scott Walker. Democratic state senators hold the legislative process hostage by fleeing the state."

Then I started to think: Hey--Using people as props for political theater? Doctors
violating their oaths to promote violence? Politicians holding something
hostage? Now this is something I can get behind.

In fact, I think these union-loving bozos owe me a little bit of credit for thinking of it first.

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