Friday, October 22, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

At a friend's dinner party this week, I met the coolest vegetable: Romanesco Broccoli!

Check it out:

My friend was excited to tell me that this is a sixteenth-century vegetable, which means that it's a vegetable right up my alley. Then, another guest pointed out that the top of the R.B. looks just like a coxcomb, which is so Renaissance-y.

I totally agree!

It's easy to "homebake" one of these guys because preparation involves no baking whatsoever. Our hosts are real foodies and always serve up fancy stuff in high style. But all they did with the RB was place a few of them in a line down the center of the table. Guests could grab and munch at their leisure.

I was like, where are the photographers from the NYT Food section???

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