Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

Dear Magic Shake-Ball,

I'm a little nervous about Ashley Tisdale's decision to do Hellcats, the new CW show. I mean, I'm not even interested in watching this, and I'll watch anything.

Be honest, OK?


Cindy (H.S. Musical Fan and Mom)

Magic Shake-Ball's response:

"Why tell you me of moderation?
The grief is fine, full, perfect, that I taste,
And violenteth in a sense as strong
As that which causeth it: how can I moderate it?"
--Troilus and Cressida 4.4.2-6


That's right, Hellcat! Cheering isn't about moderation--it's about screaming your heart out!

But wait, Cressida isn't cheering here. She's very sad. And kinda angry. That means the Shake-Ball is trying to deliver some bad news.

Shake-Ball, are you sure you weren't influenced by Alessandra Stanley's comment in the NYT that the show is "absolutely awful"?

You're supposed to think independently, you know.

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