Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Magic Shake-Ball

Dear Magic Shake-Ball:

I have this friend— Coraline—whose daughter has been home sick from camp for the past two days. That's a whole lotta cash down the drain—not to mention lost hours when she could have been writing and playing Word Twist. If she gives her daughter a big dose of Ibuprofen tomorrow is she technically "fever-free" (i.e. "free" to go to camp)?

p.s. Coraline is a really good citizen who pays her taxes on time and only takes swim goggles from the Camp "Lost and Found" bin if there's no name on them, and, anyway, someone probably stole her kids' goggles, so really what choice does she have?


Gloucester: How now, how now, what say the citizens?
Buckingham: Now, by the holy Mother of our Lord, / The citizens are mum, say not a word.

(Richard III 3.7.1-3)


Wow. You pulled out the Virgin Mary on this one? She'd never rifle through a Lost and Found box. Crap.

Plus this is a scene between the future Richard III and his partner in crime, Buckingham, where they're plotting to spread a whole pack of slanderous lies about Richard's brother and his kids so that he can be king instead of one of them. But the citizens aren't buying it. The truth will out.

And after 6-8 hours so will a fever.

Double crap. I mean, for Coraline.

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