Friday, July 2, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

It's Fourth of July weekend, and that means it's time to haul out the potato salad, Redi-whip and Jell-o for those "bring a side dish" BBQ's.

But you want to be original. You're thinking to yourself: "What would Shakespeare bring?" Well.... lucky for you, someone has compiled a complete menu of Elizabethan sides. How about some crowd-pleasin' ale-fried date and spinach fritters? Or some parsnips and marigolds steeped in orange juice?

Or, heck, if you really want to show up that perfect mom from down the street who's always whipping up homemade cakes in the shape of the DeathStar or an organic farm/petting zoo, then why not pull out all the stops and bake a pickled herring and fruit pie?


1 comment:

  1. Is it insane that the first two recipes sound good to me? (Except that the first recipe doesn't tell you how much spinach or how many eggs to use, which complicates matters slightly.)