Friday, May 14, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

End-of Year Kindergarten Report for Richard Gloucester:

After a rough start, Richard has had a solid year. Once he learned that biting was not a productive way to express his feelings, he was able to form alliances with some of the other children. He especially enjoyed our Dramatic Play area, and excelled in story-telling. All of us enjoyed his frequent show-and-tell contributions, although we do hope you will monitor these more closely in the future: his model of a "Lancastrian dog's bloody heart" on a dagger was not an appropriate choice, as it frightened some of the more sensitive children. I understand that Richard will be attending equestrian camp this summer. We feel this is an excellent choice for him, and hope that it will help him feel more confident on the playground.

I regret that I will not be able to continue as Richard's teacher next year when he begins First Grade. I am taking a leave of absence in an undisclosed location. Should Richard try to mail me any letters, perhaps it would be best to tell him that I am dead.
--Anne Warwick


  1. This is such a clever, fun site! Thanks for sharing it on She Writes.

  2. Thanks, Kamy! Great to have you visit. Come back soon!