Friday, April 30, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

Karma is as Karma Does: To the Bitchy Neighbor Lady Who's Never Spoken to Us and Ignored Our Notes About Her Rotting Tree

Shall I compare thee to Elmira Gulch?
Thou art more bitchy and more negligent.
Rough winds do blow the new-placed April mulch,
And yet you do ignore your branches bent.

Sometime we have asked nicely--not with slings:
Oh please won't you inspect your rotting trees?
For they do hang upon our yard and swings,
And we get nervous with each pushy breeze.

For seven years our pleas you've cast as whines;
Ignored our warnings, while your trees de-limbed.
But every tree from trees sometimes declines,
Especially when you leave your shit untrimmed.

This sonnet then to Karma's my homage:
'Cuz last night your tree fell on your garage.

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