Friday, April 2, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

Just in time for Easter, its the new Shakespeare-inspired board game the whole family's going to love.....

Resurrection: Last One Up is a Rotten Egg!

Object of the Game: Collect the most Resurrected Heroine cards.

Game Set-Up:

Put the "Fate" cards face down in the center of the board. Put the "Helper or Hell-Mate" cards face down next to them. Place the Lump of Bitter Grief into the Pit of Despair.

Each player selects a character piece: Hermione, Thaisa, Helena, or Hero, and puts it on the Act One, Scene One spot. Give each player one of the four Resurrected Heroine cards.

How to Play:

Roll the dice and move your piece forward.

If you land on a "Fate" spot, draw a card from the Fate pile and do what it tells you to do. For example, "Your husband thinks you died in childbirth and buries you at sea. Go to the Temple of Diana and stay there for fourteen turns." Or "Uh, oh. You're nine months pregnant and your husband's best friend has been visiting for nine months. Go back sixteen spaces." Or, "Your husband just told you he's never going to sleep with you. Go to Italy and stalk him."

If you land on the "Helper or Hell-mate" space, draw from that pile. Helper cards (Paulina, Cerimon, the Friar, Beatrice, and Diana) can be saved and used when you land on a "Die" spot. But if you draw a Hell-mate card (Don Juan, Leontes, Claudio, Bertram), then sacrifice one of your Heroine cards to the player to your left.

When the first player reaches Act Five, Scene Five, then the game is over. Whoever has the most Resurrected Heroines wins!

Other Spaces:

"Die." If you land here, you have to stay for three turns. You can get out right away by using a Helper card.

"False Resurrection": If you land on one of these spaces ("Thought you saw Cordelia's lips move, but you didn't." Or "Come back to life, but then don't call your husband out for murdering you and die anyway"), then you have to take the Lump of Bitter Grief. You must hold onto this until someone else lands on one of these spots. If you have the Lump at the end of the game, you can't win. No matter what.

"Divine Retribution": If you land here, pick a player whom you feel you can publicly humiliate in some way. If you succeed, then take a Heroine card from him/her.

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