Friday, February 26, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

The only way I can remember anything these past few years is if it's on a post-it note stuck to something I'm guaranteed to see, like the coffee maker or my computer. This doesn't mean I'll always see it (somehow I managed to miss the "inspection" post-it stuck to my car's dashboard last month), or that I'll know what I was trying to remind myself to do.

Sometimes I find a note to myself and it's like I'm an archaeologist discovering the Rosetta Stone ("Hmmm. These numerical symbols seem to be a phone number of some kind, perhaps to the Philadelphia area.")

I feel like I should save them so that I can have an archive of how crazy these working/parenting years made my brain. I should write a note to myself about it.

Maybe I already did.

Here's today's post-it stuck to my computer, unedited:

--Hamlet paper
--593 Readings

Good to know what my priorities are.

I wonder what Shakespeare's post-it notes would look like? Maybe something like this:

--wash codpiece
--Juliet or Jillian?
--lunch w/Kit
--Hamnet bday
--unload second best bed

Send us your Shakespeare stickies, and we'll try to remember to post them.

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  1. Judith was Hamnet's twin, right? So Shakespeare needs a Post-It to remind him that his twins share a birthday. Or maybe only sons have their birthdays celebrated.