Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ask the Experts

I've been finding this whole Facebook "Who's your celebrity doppelganger" trend a little disconcerting. I don't like seeing my friends posting pix that are supposed to reflect how they *think* others see them. It's kind of like watching people get dinged from the "American Idol" auditions ("But everyone has always said I'm an AMAZING singer!"). Ouch. The truth hurts.

If I put Mare Winningham as my profile picture then will people think I think I really DO look like her? (Granted, she isn't exactly Angelina, but she's looking pretty good these days for her age. She's come a long way since that headband look in "St. Elmo's Fire.") Should I go the self-mocking route and put someone like Danny Bonaduce? It all just seems too loaded.

So, my question for the Shakespearean experts today is: Would YOU put your celebrity doppelganger on Facebook? And, if you would, who would you choose?

Hamlet: I say keep it to yourself. Someone's bound to use it against you somehow.

Shakespeare: I disagree. Never pass up a chance to promote yourself. But I would put three celebs on my page: Robert Pattinson (young me), Hector Elizondo (old me), and Dame Judi Dench (just to keep 'em guessing).

Richard III: That's an easy one. Brad Pitt.

Lady Macbeth: Ha! Try Peter Dinklage.

Richard III: Whatever you say, Cher.

Juliet: I don't want to sound too full of myself or anything, but someone stopped me on the street yesterday because they thought I was Amanda Seyfried.

Romeo: You're so much more beautiful than she is. Her hair turns to wet plaster when your golden tresses are near.

Juliet: Oh, stop! So who do you think I should choose?

Romeo: No one could possibly hold a candle to your—

Juliet: No. Seriously. Who do you think I look like?

Romeo: Uh. I don't know. Maybe, uh...uh...Jessica Simpson?

Juliet: Jessica Simpson?!

Hamlet: Nice going, man. Why don't you tell her her ass looks fat in that dress while you're at it.

Romeo: Juliet! Wait up!

Hamlet: You see? Nothing good can come of this. Keep it to yourself.

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