Friday, January 15, 2010

Homebaked Shakespeare

Everyday Shakespeare snagged an interview with internet sensation Adam Bertocci, author of the screenplay The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, an unlikely and thrilling combination of The Big Lebowski and Shakespeare's under-the-radar The Two Gentleman of Verona. Read Adam's screenplay right here and buy tickets to the NYC show!

ES: What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

AB: My favorite is Much Ado About Nothing. But I'd say The Tempest is probably the best.

ES: Favorite scene?

AB: "Pyramus and Thisbe" in A Midsummer Night's Dream, or maybe Benedick's monologue in Much Ado. Actually, I've never really thought about it all that much. It's probably a low comedy scene because that's how I roll.

ES: Least favorite?

AB: Probably in one of the works I haven't read and for good reason.

ES: Favorite character?

AB: I know Harold Bloom will be depressed all week that I didn't say Falstaff, but my vote for favorite character... hard to say. I've grown to like Rosalind in As You Like It, of late. She's got spunk.

ES: The character you would most like to be your companion on a ski weekend?

AB: I don't ski, but if I needed a character to accompany me anywhere... there's a reason my computer is named Ariel, and it has nothing to do with The Little Mermaid.


  1. OMG i am so there. the dude and the bard is as good a pairing as mr darcy and a zombie! and WAY better than keanu and don john.

    will there be white russians at intermission?