Friday, December 25, 2009

Homebaked Shakespeare

We've been getting some great responses to our McSweeney's Letters to Santa. It inspired two of our Facebook Group Members to add to the mailbag:

Mike Jensen wrote his own version of Falstaff's Letter to Santa:

"Santa, you must be tired. Why not take a year off? We look so much alike that no one would tell us apart should I dress in red. I'd be happy to invade, er, visit every home in the world taking, er, giving gifts to one and all. Think about it. I'll split the loot, um, good cheer with you."

And Emma Perry added a few more characters to the mix:

"Coriolanus would like some tasteful lingerie from Victoria's Secret for his mother.

Henry V would like a tennis racquet, since he got tennis balls last year and hasn't gotten to play yet (he'd been kind of busy rallying troops and pretending to learn French)

Katharina would really like a military time lithium battery digital watch so she could be sure what time of day it was no matter how confusing it might be with the sun and the moon."

Thanks, Mike and Emma!

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