Friday, December 11, 2009

Homebaked Shakespeare

I'm really excited about my new film pitch. Let me know what you think.


Tag Line: "When Shakespeare and Sarah Palin meet . . . someone's going to get kilt!"

The Story:

It's 2012 and presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is hot on the campaign trail. One night at a hotel in Texas she is visited by the ghost of Shakespeare. The spirit warns Palin that her ambition may lead to depression, madness, and severe constipation from all the travel. When Palin screams and calls hotel security, Shakespeare whisks her off to the Past: London, 1603. At a seedy lodging house, Shakespeare sedates the feisty Palin with opiates and then enlists her help in writing the part of Lady Macbeth for the Scottish play he's working on. When spies for King James I overhear them, Palin is accused of treason and imprisoned in the Tower. Shakespeare is shocked to discover how much he actually cares about her. With so much at stake, how far will he go to save her?

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