Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Prospero Reviews the Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Since I drowned my books in an unfortunate lapse of judgement, I've been in search of a way to replace them. This Kindle device, a kind of magical implement that sucks up entire books and then reveals them to its owner page by page, appears to be an excellent solution.

I confess that I find this magic mirror most intriguing, and convenient for those of us who like to travel with our library, although I suspect dark forces could infiltrate the device if one were not watchful--a suspicion I first felt upon discovering that it is controlled by the Amazons, a notorious race of man-hating women.

I would be especially wary of the following titles: Prospero Lost; Candle Magic for Beginners; and Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Lives of Adolescent Girls. This last tome seems especially troublesome, since young girls are supposed to lack inner direction and seek to please their fathers.

I was also disappointed to see that the only titles dealing with slave training were distinctly improper treatises featuring lewdly dressed women.

Still, I found many of the available titles quite enlightening, including "Mom, Jason's Breathing on Me!": The Solution to Sibling Bickering; Hands-On Chaos Magic; and How to Love Your Retirement.

In conclusion, I recommend this magical device to all adult men of European descent in positions of authority.

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