Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ask the Experts

Lady Macbeth and Othello weigh in on your most pressing everyday questions.

"My husband has a cold and is whining like a baby. What should I do?"
--Melissa H.
Concord, NH

LM: Tell me about it, sister. Like we ever get a sick day? We're holding down the homefront every day, keeping the servants in line, feeding our screaming kids so that they--Hey! I saw that, O. Do you have something you'd like to share with us?

O: Uh, no.

LM: Good. Because for a second there it looked like you were rolling your eyes at me. In which case I just might think about where I've put those pictures I have of you passed out in Bianca's lap at last year's Christmas party. Capisce?

O: Please. Continue.

LM: Where was I? Oh, yeah. Whining husbands. Listen, Melissa, you just need to tell him that real men don't whine like itty bitty babies. Trust me. It works like a charm.

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